Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RASA MALAMO 1st. part. Klaku sur desegno pro pligrandigi gxin

HATE RACE 1st. part

The Young Zamenhof is late for the dinner, his parents are worried.
- Where is Lejzer ? It’s almost dinner time. Said S-ro Mark, Zamenhof’s father.
- He doesn’t get use to be late for the dinner. Says Zamenhof mother. Finally the young Zamenhof gets home.
- What’s happened son ? Why do you shudder ? asked S-rino Rosalia.
- Mommy, is so bad to be a jwish ? they called me the abe ! Why so much hate ?
- I do not like my son be offended by these whatchamacallit. Said very angry Zamenhof’s father.

RASA MALAMO 2nd part . Klaku sur desegno pro pligrandigi gxin

HATE RACE 2nd. part

- Mommy, our race attracts people’s hate. I saw that people fight becouse they are from different races. Concluded young Zamenhof.
- I remember the last gossip against us, when that polish boy disappeared, they said: “the jewish burn offered the boy in their ceremony” . Said Zamenhof the father.
- I remember that afterwards they found the boy but the gossip agaisnt us continued. Add S-rino Rosalia.
- If they could understand each other better, if they could talk on the same platform…maybe I create an idiom for everybody ! Said the young Zamenhof.
- Bullshit son !
- I will create the world language ! Said the young Zamenhof.