Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MISKOMPRENO unua parto

klaku sur desegno por grandigi gxin.


Young Zamenhof is playing with his school friends..when a big boy appeared with another boys.
- "Abe", what do you do here in my districk ? Asked the big boy. And add:
- I do hate you disgusting jew ! Get out of my districk !

MISKOMPRENO fina parto

klaku sur desegno por grandigi gxin.

Zamenhof didn't understand why these boys hated the jews. At home he talks with his mother.
- Mama, why they hate us so much ?
- son, they are children. Answered Zamenhos's mother.

The young Zamenhof knew that Rosalia his mother had a big heart about equality among the men, but the reality was so far of the ethic he knew and learned from his parents.